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Green Acres

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As a general rule, you should apply mulch 2-3 inches deep around the root of trees, shrubs, and other plantings. Mulch can also be used in planting pots.


Be sure any fabric or plastic under the mulch should be covered with holes so that rainwater can be retained.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of mulching is to retain moisture in your soil. Not only will mulch aid in luscious plants but it will reduce the frequency of which you have to water.


Keep up with mulch, and watch weeds slowly disappear. If any do manage to grow they'll be easy to pull.

Your landscape will benefit from mulching

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 •  Red Hardwood

 •  Brown Hardwood

 •  Black Hardwood

 •  Natural Hardwood

 •  Cedar

 •  Cypress

 •  Pine Mulch

 •  Pine Bark


Riddle your landscape with quality mulch in any type

You're offered other materials including gravel and river rock to improve your landscape. Both work great for any type of property be it commercial or residential. Learn more about this type of landscaping material and how it can benefit your needs.

Gravel and river rock for your landscaping needs