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Green Acres

Landscaping Supply


Prevent erosion when you invest in riprap river rock. When carefully arranged, your shoreline will be protected by rip rap.


You can also effectively use riprap river rock anywhere that erosion can be an issue. Protect your property of any kind with carefully placed rock.

Shop a large selection of gravel and river rock at our location where you can take your purchase with you or have it delivered. 


Be creative when designing your landscape. Choose from a huge variety of colors to accentuate your landscaping. You can create a masterpiece with what we offer.


Have a landscape that works harmoniously together

Don't wait to benefit from top-quality rock



Consider the benefits of riprap river rock

 •  1 1/4" Quachite Gold

 •  Quachite Peas

 •  Quachite Oversize

 •  Gold Oversize

 •  Blue 5/8 and 3/8 crushed

 •  Grey 3/8 Crushed

 •  City Pit Fines

 •  SB2


Choose from a great variety of rock

Landscaping doesn't have to cost a fortune. Be impressed at how much you can save while still getting all the landscaping products you need. Stop by our location anytime to browse and get a quote on the materials you need.

You'll be impressed at the affordability of our materials